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We know how to make learning fun for kids

When a student decides to become a LiteStreet Hero, they will receive:

Captivating online Instructional videos discussing each mission
Fun illustrated worksheets using familiar methods to complete the mission
Study Index Cards, Matching Game, Mastering Markets Card Game

LiteStreet Instructors use captivating superhero-themed videos to maintain the attention of all our LiteStreet Heroes (students). Every mission (topic/concept) we introduce will be an exciting adventure for our Heroes.

The program ensures that each student has completed their mission before they have advanced to the the next ranking mission. The missions will continue for 6 years introducing more topics each month.


Academy Courses

These courses are designed for heroes who start Year 1 between the ages of 4-7.


Year 1 – Mastering Candlesticks

Year 2 – Mastering Patterns

Year 3 – Mastering Trends

Year 4 – Mastering Structure

Year 5 – Trading Tools

Year 6 – Demo Trading


As these superheroes progress, they will have a chance to volunteer to teach younger classes once our live classes are initiated. After successfully completing 6 years, LiteStreet heroes will be given grants of a minimum of $500 to start thinking about investing with parental guidance.

LiteStreet Academy will continue to evolve with the suggestions of parents. We will be adding more curriculums to our platform to provide further education and prepare our younger generation for the future.